What Is YOU Get It First?

 YOU is a Messaging System Application (MSA).

The YOU messaging system is a cloud based web portal that provides simple controls to send messages, announcements, alerts, and promotions. The YOU Mobile Application is the program that functions on mobile devices to receive, save, and share messages.

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How It Works

A Critical Communications Platform

The YOU Get It First mobile application is a critical communications platform for sending infographic messages seamlessly and immediately to a broad but targeted user audience. According to the User’s personal preferences, messages can be customized and sent for:

  • Alerts
  • Announcements
  • Appointments
  • Advertisements
  • School
  • Local Business
  • Regional Businesses
  • National Business Advertisers

Why Choose YOU

Unified Real Time Alert & Messaging System

The national average for law enforcement to respond to an active crisis (i.e. school shooting) is 18 minutes. The YOU Threat Alert can reduce law enforcement response time up to 75% so it is closer to 5 minutes. You Get It First can protect students, faculty and staff with huge time savings.

YOU Messaging System Dashboard
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YOU changes the way you get the information that’s important in your life. It delivers personalized notifications, alerts, promotions, and schedule changes from the sources you select on one simple platform. YOU makes it easy to choose who you follow, who you share information with while empowering you to choose what’s important in your universe.


  • What to follow
  • Who to Share with
  • What’s Important to YOU!

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Alerts & Messages

Send graphic threat alerts, announcements, promotions and appointments to private and public groups instantly using cloud technology.

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Simple Controls

The YOU platform makes it easy to make and send messages with the user in mind. Choose a custom template to send your message with ease.

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Mobile Apps

The YOU mobile app is Your Own Universe. You choose who to follow, who to share with and what’s important to you!

Patent Pending Infographic Notifications

YOU is on the forefront of technology with graphic messages that increase communication effectiveness and audience engagement.
YOU Mobile App Infographic Messages

YOU is a cloud-based system compatible with 99.9% of all mobile networks including:

Send an Alert Phone Screens

Keep Your Children Safe & Secure

Every day tragedy floods the headlines. It’s time to take matters into your hands and give our schools the tool they need to effectively respond to threats before it’s too late.

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