School Fire Alarms – can students trust them?

Traditional school safety protocols like fire drills can be turned against students

Active Shooter AlertIn the recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, the attacker pulled a fire alarm at the beginning of his assault. This horrific scenario leveraged a safe, tried-and-true practice within schools, to put students and faculty in harms way. Fire safety drills are common and routine, how students respond is predictable. By triggering this drill, it effectively pulled students away from where they would traditionally be when normal active shooter protocols are called and into the line of fire in the hallway.

This specific scenario is leading many to question everything about how we approach crisis planning and drills. Example:

What has become paramount to us is this simple fact:  Clarity of communication is essential in a crisis.

How can we more effectively communicate an active shooter alert to our students to counter the false fire alarm?

YOU Threat Alert has been specifically designed to provide that clarity, across a variety of security situations that our schools and universities face every day.  With crystal clear, infographic style alerts, your students and faculty can avoid a crisis area of a building, or seek cover instead of fleeing if a fire alarm has been triggered.

With the ability to send instantaneous alerts to predesignated groups of users, including students, faculty, security staff, law enforcement, the district office, and where selected, parents, YOU Threat Alert can help provide the clarity your educational environment needs in a crisis. If a false alarm is pulled, or worse, a shooter is on the grounds, a simple notification lets your staff and students respond more effectively to the situation. Your district office stays in the loop during a crisis and is able to help coordinate response and stay ahead of social media in regards to parent communication.

By enabling select alerts to contact law enforcement directly, precious minutes are saved and response times are significantly improved.

Want to learn more about how our affordable platform can improve the clarity of your communication in a crisis? Looking to improve law enforcement response times? Give us a call today at 877-852-8538 or Contact Us to learn more.

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