COVID-19 Monitoring Enforcement

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Covid Monitoring Enforcement Solution


The Covid crisis is the unknown. It’s impossible to know when things will return to “normal”. Our schools need more than a temporary band-aid. We need a long term solution: a tool that connects the parent and the child to the school attendance office, bus transportation and the classroom. A tool that will not only prevent the spread of the pandemic today but long into the future. Get ready now!

  • Stop symptomatic students from riding the school bus and entering classrooms.
  • Develop strong partnerships with parents to fight COVID-19.
  • Enforce daily monitoring and reporting by parents.
  • Create a COVID safe learning environment.


This safety communication platform offers scheduled and unscheduled broadcast non-emergency messaging to students, parents and staff

Covid Monitoring Enforcement Solution
Influenza Trending and Reporting
Daily Non-Attendance Reporting