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Whether you have one location or multiple, communicate all your active threats and company announcements to your office and plant employees simultaneously and within seconds. In an active health emergency, knowing where all the AED machines are located is just a couple of clicks away. No cell phones allowed on the plant floor? No worries, we have digital integration.


When you lead a financial organization where safety and external threats are top priority, a program of systematic real-time vigilance is key. The YOU system offers priority buttons that can be your panic button directly to police.


The ability to have immediate contact with law enforcement and employees is a must. This cost effective solution will enhance safety protocol while providing a new level of security. A silent alarm system can be implemented with the use of our priority buttons.


Keeping your employees in the know with any active threat or company announcement just got easier. YOU Get It First allows you to simultaneously integrate with most of your current safety tools you currently have in place. And finally, there’s a platform that can assist you in all your Covid-19 reporting.


Being able to communicate quickly and discreetly in any active threat has always been important. Now it's more important than ever to quickly and efficiently communicate simultaneously with all your need to know people, the police, 911, management, and other locations. All while integrating with the existing safety tools you already have in place.


When you own a restaurant, café or bar, filling seats means higher revenue. Our mobile marketing solution gives you the power to directly reach your customers with daily specials and other notifications.


Cover all your communication needs from rebuilding your customer base to covering Active threats such as See Something / Say Something all with one platform. Whether you are connecting with multiple locations or just one. You pick the recipient groups, senders and receivers.


Use YOU Get It First as your one stop communication platform for Active alerts such as drive offs, temperature variations, See Something / Say Something, employee notifications, Covid-19 reporting and much more. Get all the accurate information to all your need to know people in the most timely manner possible.