Mass Notification System

Send graphic messages to inform employees and the public of an emergency. Improve safety and security of your organization by providing alerts and real-time instruction during a crisis.


When you need to get the word out quickly, YOU Get It First allows you to protect employees, customers and the general public reliably with real-time instant communication, reducing chaos and confusion in a crisis.

  • Real-Time communication connecting 911, leadership, staff, customers, security teams and others in seconds
  • No additional equipment needed to connect
  • Integrates with your current systems

The Ability to Inform Everyone
Simultaneously in Real-Time

Administrators have control of alert types and notifications. Clear graphics, location information, and text editing.

Target your alerts to specific groups that you define. For critical alerts, automatic notification to 911 dispatch is an option. This will help people to stay out of harms way and get to safety quicker.