On-Scene Community Notifications

First responding officers send graphic images to inform the community and the public of an emergency. Improve the safety and security of your city by providing alerts and real-time instruction during a crisis.


When you need to get the word out quickly, YOU Get it First allows the first-line officer to broadcast the alert to the public reliably with real-time instant communication, reducing chaos and confusion in a crisis.

  • Real-Time communication connecting on-scene law enforcement with the community in seconds.
  • No additional equipment is needed to send.
  • Mass Communication to your community by the first responding officers.

The Ability To Inform Everyone

Simultaneously In Real-Time

Law Enforcement has control of alert types and notifications. Clear graphics, location information, and text editing.

This is a vital tool for law enforcement. Each resident will choose to follow law enforcement. Once it is introduced to the public, opting in and following on the YOU Mobile App is rapid.