See Something Say Something

Report See Something/Say Something and anonymous tips.
Deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time.


Preventing an emergency when it is in our control is essential. With this ‘See Something Say Something’ technology, you and the general public are now able to get the word out quickly and precisely to the people that need to know first.

  • Real-Time connecting to security teams, leadership, staff and others in seconds
  • No additional equipment needed to connect
  • Integrates with your current systems

Taking Control of Crisis Communication

Send real-time information out in seconds! Stopping or deterring parcel theft, vandalism, drive-by shootings and other violent acts.

Entire communities can be turned into the first line of defense. Nobody knows their community better than those that work in it. YOU Get It First puts this ability in everyone’s hands for active human surveillance to prevent active threats and emergencies.